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It is challenging to understand coaching without personally experiencing it. The right chemistry between coach and client is essential. For these reasons Rachel is pleased to offer a FREE 30 minute telephone coaching session.

During this session the client comes prepared to coach on any topic they desire (i.e. career, life balance, relationships). Time will also be provided to discuss the coaching process in more detail.

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Finding my passion with Rachel's help


Amanda Donahoe, Technical Manager, Facebook

Rachel is a fantastic coach!

“Rachel is a fantastic coach and has had great impact on my management style. I found her coaching style highly enjoyable as she asks questions that encourage thinking. I’ve since tried to adopt her methods and it’s proving a very efficient way of fostering development in my team. She helped me focus on my strengths as a manager and showed me how to utilize those strengths to bring out the best in my team members. Thanks Rachel, I hope we get to work together again.”

Niv T., Facebook, UK Engineering Manager

Rachel elevates coaching to an art.

“Rachel elevates coaching to an art. Yes, she will help you organize your life, identify your goals and align with your values, but beyond that she will help you create a vision for life.  With both pragmatism and an uncanny intuition – Rachel always seems to know just what I feel I need to focus on – she helps her clients create their most authentic path.  Rachel’s coaching serves the whole person. At the end of my sessions with her, I always feel more focused, empowered and inspired.”

Alissa Carroll, Founder, Carroll Public Relations

Working with Rachel as a coach was life altering.

“Working with Rachel as a coach was life altering. In part because I was at a time in my life to accept coaching, and in part due to Rachel’s strength,persistence, and her ability to push me past the easy safe havens and keep me focused on what was important. She helped me ask the right questions, search for the answers, and find the strength to make some important decisions. I have a renewed perspective on life and work: LIFE being a priority as opposed to work. You will not only find a great professional coach, but a good friend.”

Stacy Gannon, Vice President, Human Resources, Time Warner Cable, Green Bay Division

What Stepping Into More Can Do For You

  • Provide you with greater meaning by clarifying your Purpose
  • Bring you more joy in your life by identifying and living your Passion
  • Give you greater connection to yourself and others
  • Provide accountability to YOURSELF!
  • Support you in being a more effective leader by better understanding yourself and others
  • Be more intentional to what you are saying yes and no to
  • Provide you with a compass to manage your career
  • Support you in honing in on your strengths at work and at home

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