Personal Development Coaching

Reconnect with your purpose and passion

3-month customized program

This personalized program will increase your self-awareness and move you into ACTION from the very first session. Utilize the Stepping into more System to gain awareness of your purpose and passion and how they impact the quality of your life. You will engage in reflective exercises and assessments to support you in understanding the significance of your passions, and work through fear and any barriers that might be holding you back. Together, we will then create highly customized action plans designed to support you in creating a more empowered and fulfilling life NOW!

Soar with purpose and passion

6-month customized program

This action packed program includes everything in the Reconnect to your Passion 3 month program plus much MORE!   Once completing the foundational pieces outlined in the Reconnect to your passion program you will continue following the Stepping into more System to create stretch goals to align you with your purpose and passion. You will receive customized strategies, techniques and tactics to propel you into action and create lifelong habits. This deep dive will help you Step into more of YOU!

VIP Package

6-month customized program plus Stepping into More Self-Discovery Personal Retreat Package

This intensive program includes everything the Soar with Purpose and Passion Coaching Package offers plus a completely customized VIP day with Rachel. This bonus day is highly productive as you get a focused, one-on-one day to propel you into action.

2 Day Self-Discovery Coaching Retreat

Jump Start Your Dreams Now!

The Stepping into More: Self-Discovery Coaching 2-Day Retreat is designed for the person who is ready to Step into More – NOW! Give yourself the opportunity to experience a totally customized retreat with Rachel Karu – Immediate Past President for the International Coach Federation – Los Angeles, a certified coach and self-discovery expert.

Career Coaching

6-month customized program

Are you in transition or considering changing careers? Rachel can support you in visioning a career that aligns with your purpose and passion. Rachel brings her expertise in helping you self-reflect and then move into action with proven strategies to create the career you deserve and desire.

Group Coaching

Purpose and Passion 5-week series with Live Q & A

Do you fit the standard definition of success, yet your life feels meaningless and empty? Perhaps you have disconnected from a passion because you have been so busy being in service to others at work and at home or you feel like you “have it all” but something is missing. Are you ready to Step into More by creating the life you desire and deserve?

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