Professional Development Coaching

Organizational pricing quoted below.

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Reconnect with your purpose and passion

3-month customized program

This personalized program will increase your self-awareness and move you into ACTION from the very first session. Utilize the Stepping into more at Work System to increase your self-awareness which will then improve the quality of your work and relationships.

Soar with purpose and passion

6-month customized program

This action packed program includes everything in the 3 month program plus much MORE!   Once completing the foundational pieces outlined in the 3 month program you will delve in deeper with more sessions, strategies, tactics, and tools to create lifelong habits. 

VIP Package

6-month customized program plus VIP day

This intensive program includes everything the 3 and 6 month Packages offer plus a completely customized VIP day with Rachel. This bonus day is highly productive as you get a focused, one-on-one day to propel you into action.


Jump start your success with a personalized coaching day

The VIP day is designed for the person who is ready to Step into More – NOW! This highly customized program will be co-designed to ensure results. We will fast track you to amazing self-discovery and propel you into immediate action. You will walk away with a fresh vision of what is needed to create an empowered and fulfilling life along with a clearly defined action plan.

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