Rachel Karu is passionate about inspiring reflection and results. She puts Her passion into her coaching as she supports you in Unleashing Your Purpose and Passion. You will experience the Stepping into More System to support you in your journey. Rachel is nurturing and makes you feel comfortable while still driving for results. Rachel is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation, as well as a Strengths Coach with the Marcus Buckingham Company.

The Stepping Into More System

Rachel has designed a proven structured process – the Stepping into more System to support you in unleashing your purpose and passion. Rachel has developed two forms of the system: Personal and Professional. Depending on your needs, Rachel will tailor her system for you.

The Personal Development System includes:

  1. How to unearth your purpose
  2. How to ignite your passion
  3. How to clarify the link between your purpose and passion
  4. How to move into meaningful action
  5. How to integrate lessons learned

The Professional Development System includes:

  1. Self discovery
  2. Action planning
  3. Coaching for results


Rachel’s coaching was key to my first year as a manager. She provided the tools that I needed in order to build new skills such as time management, delivering developmental feedback, and the art of asking questions. These are immensely valuable in both my professional and personal life. Rachel also challenged me to think differently and to reevaluate my perspective on a regular basis. I have a healthier and more successful approach to my work because of Rachel’s coaching.


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Some years ago, I cheap All-Star jerseys was referred to Rachel and chose her to be my coach when I launched and grew a PR firm. I found in her a gifted coach with a keen sensitivity and understanding of her clients’ needs. Her wise, gentle, yet directed style supported my professional and personal growth tremendously. I feel blessed that our paths crossed.


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